Kalp is a holistic route to effective skin care management. Our products are handcrafted and deep rooted in ancient Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old proven system of natural healing. Ayurveda literally translates to “The Science of Life” and it is exactly that. Our thorough decade long research has proven the immense wisdom that lies in the evolution of Ayurvedic care. It gives us milestones to live by based on nature, the seasons and our senses. We integrate this knowledge to understand your true potential and the energy that you bring. Our aim is to find the perfect healthy balance to simplified skin by keeping your environment, mind, body and spirit in mind.


Ayurveda understands skin through what it calls “Dosha.” No two people are alike and our skin types vary greatly especially in its elemental sense. Using the same generic products without understanding our Dosha can not only deteriorate existing skin conditions but also create a much deeper imbalance to your health and spirit. We want you to have a meaningful natural experience and that is why we try to get to know you and understand your Dosha first. Do you have dry skin? You might be a Vata where the elements of air and space reign supreme. Could you be a fiery/watery Pita with hot or sensitive skin? Or an oily Kahpa aligned with the earth and water?


According to Ayurveda, Doshas need to be treated with ingredients that will have the opposite effect, thereby balancing the present issues with its treatment. Therefore, Vata will need elements that are rich, warming and moisturizing. The Pita is warm and strong and works well with ingredients that will make you calm, cool and collected. The Kahpa is naturally moist and heavy and is finely balanced with light and warm astringents. Understanding the Dosha gives us results that are extraordinary.  


 Begin your healing rituals with our wide range of natural skin & hair care products.  We blend the finest Indian herbs and spices and infuse them in oils to produce a serum. This process is repeated several times to bring you quality products that open up the highest levels of consciousness. Kalp products are free of water, alcohol, harmful chemical preservatives, paraben, stabilizers and additives. We are an animal cruelty free organization and while modern therapies fail to provide long lasting sustainable results, our ethical beauty rituals invigorate lives. Our skin care products are loaded with essential oils and excel at eliminating irritants and bringing back natural elasticity.


Kalp’s back to basics products work because they are natural and have the universe backing them up. Toxins are not good for the body or soul and can create bodily weaknesses as well as dampen your high spirit. Synthetic fragrances aggravate the doshas and contain cancer causing carcinogenic petrochemicals and sulphates which harm human, marine and plant life. In the ancient world, where chemicals were unheard of, skin conditions were treated with the same ingredients we use today. Their efficacy is guaranteed.


We welcome you on your KALP journey. We hope it will be an enlightening one.

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