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A Vata skin is delicate, soft and very radiant. When the skin is imbalanced, its lined, dry and flaky. Sometimes, the skin may appear transparent and too thin. The Vata Dosha skin-type has smaller pores as opposed to other types of skin. Oftentimes, you can find bluish or grayish hue for the skin. Skin conditions such as wrinkles and discoloration can be found on the forehead and below the eye area. The ears are also Vata dominant areas because the skin there tends towards Vata-type.
The skin is basically a Pitta organ. Pitta-type skin is rosy and glowing. The skin can become bloodshot when exposed to sunlight. Inflammations and wrinkles can also appear on the skin as a result of external factors. The scalp, back of the neck and nose are predominantly Pitta areas. The Pitta Dosha skin-type is susceptible to acne, pimples and lesions.

This type of skin is oily, smooth and mostly free from dryness and wrinkles. Excess Kapha can lead to problems like cystic acne and this can leave scars on the skin. The Kapha Dosha skin-type is at a higher risk of edema as opposed to other skin types. The neck and chin are the Kapha areas of the skin.

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