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In 2013, KALP first introduced its Ayurvedic natural skin care (all natural cosmetic), natural personal care and hair care product range, and started the distribution of its products to the Ottawa’s leading yoga centers, holistic Spas and wellness clinics. Kalp's new look and wider range of products was launched nationally in July 2015. Kalp’s natural cosmetic and skin care products are today welcomed by local, national and worldwide consumers/retailers. Each product, formulated by the Doctor of natural Medicine (DMN), is handcrafted fresh in small batches. At Kalp, we use the purest form of natural ingredients (herbs, essential oils) to portray the maximum benefits of the products, and is committed to provide consistent quality and purity to its consumers.

As you are aware, most products sitting on the shelves of major departmental stores and outlets contain reasonable doses of harmful chemical preservatives to protect the products from rotting. Kalp, therefore, believes in using natural preservatives (or non-harmful chemical preservatives) to ensure product's purity, while providing safe skin care and personal solution to your skin. Many of Kalp's dosha based products are available in raw powder form which can be mixed with water, milk, yogurt or a variety of oils to apply on many different skin types in different weather conditions as suitable, making it a “One size fits whole family” product. 

Kalp’s objective is not about "how much volume is sold", but it is about "how much purity is distributed". Kalp promises to bring new and exciting Ayurvedic products in year after year. Please read more about us at Kalp's philosophy page.


If you have any question about Kalp’s making and need more information, please do not hesitate to write us at info@kalp.ca.


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