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Reasons to Join Team Natural Facial Mist

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Facial mists also referred to as facial sprays are quite similar to facial toners. Their main purpose is retaining skin moisture and helping the skin absorb daily care products easily. Though they are thought of as skin care products for the flashy ladies, a dose of natural facial mist can change your makeup and daily skin care regimen. Face mist contains water, herbal extracts and other natural ingredients that vary depending on the manufacturer. However, it must be used correctly to offer the benefits discussed below.
Skin hydration
All skin types whether very oily or dry must be adequately hydrated. Face mist is designed to cater for this crucial skin care necessity. Spray natural facial mist on the face and leave it to absorb for a few seconds before patting it using tissue. The mist will still be absorbed as you pat it with tissue reducing the chances of evaporation. This routine leaves your skin feeling hydrated and supple.
Locks in facial hydration
If you have dry skin, once in a while you experience skin dryness even after applying moisturizer. Facial mist can change this by locking in skin hydration. Spray your facial mist just before applying moisturizer. The face mist offers a good base for the moisturizer and keeps that moisturizing benefits active for longer. If you use toners, it is advisable to use the spray after toning because the products dry out on your skin.
Dilutes thick body cream
In the spirit of trying out new skin care products, you may buy cream that is too thick. Thick creams can be very beneficial to the skin but spreading them requires patience and skill. So, instead of wasting time spreading thick creams or discarding them, spray a little face mist before applying the cream. The watery face mist ingredients will make the cream’s consistency right and easy to spread.
It sets makeup
Using face mist immediately after wearing make-up helps to set it in, and you get that perfect look. It ensures that your makeup looks fresh and dewy the whole day. Also, if used before applying foundation, it makes spreading the foundation easier and your make-up blends better.
Refreshes make-up
It is common for make-up applied in the morning to look worn out and unattractive in the middle of the day. A small dose of natural facial mist freshens your makeup making it look as though it has just been applied. So, after work dinner dates become easier, you just spray face mist before heading out.
Soothes irritated skin
Irritated skin ends being dry and damaged. Therefore, the first step towards repairing it is good moisturizing habits. The facial mist contains anti-inflammatory, calming herbs and moisturizing properties that will soothe any irritated and damaged skin.
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