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Kalp Launches new CBCDragonDen Vikram Vij's favorite Hand Butter (Hand and Body Moisturizing cream)

  • By Kalp Management

Canada’s leading ayurvedic and natural skin and personal care company KALP (Ayurvedically Pure), launched its new product “Vijs Namaste Ayurvedic Hand Butter”, a finest natural, vegan, Ayurveda hand and body moisturizing cream, on June 30th in Ottawa – cbcdragon CBCDragonsDen and Canadian CelebrityChef Vikram Vij's favorite; made from food grade preservatives, great for all skin types, even in tough Canadian winter weather.
Vikram Vij's favorite Hand Butter (hand lotion, cream, body cream) Namaste by Kalp Ottawa

“Vijs Namaste Hand Butter” is a diligently formulated for Canadian natural and Ayurveda skincare product lovers. A careful selection and combination of rich ingredients such as harsingar, tuberose, pumpkin seeds and avocado, makes this product very unique, powerful and Tridoshic for tough and gentle, both skin type in dry and #humid weather conditions. This emollient hand butter is equal parts calming #hydrating for those that suffer from dry and itchy skin.

Special thanks to Kathy Smart for unconditional help and support throughout this launch planning and execution. Thanks for being the greatest lover KALP natural product line.

This natural and holistic hand butter Namaste by KALP is currently available at many retails stores (https://www.kalp.ca/pages/where-to-buy) as well as online at kalp.ca.

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