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Is Organic skin care the best?

Is Organic skin care the best?

The skin is the largest #organ in the human body. Taking care of the skin is of utmost important as it’s the most noticeable sign of aging. As a result, anyone would want to maintain a youthful appearance by taking good care of their skin. However, there is no general skin care treatment available. Everyone has a different skin and will require gentle and soft handling. This has led to the influx of organic skin care products into the market. These #organic #skin #care #products boost to be the best way to take care of the skin to achieve a glowing and clear skin. But, does that mean that organic skin care products are the best?

In addition, the current #lifestyle makes the skin lose its sheen and age quickly. A great way of combating this skin issues is to make use of products that do not contain any kind of hidden chemicals that can damage the skin in the long-term. A few minutes every day with these products will make your skin look young and blemish-free. Even though organic skin care products serve this purpose, it doesn’t mean it’s the best because it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to skin care treatment. What this means is that what worked for someone else might not work for you. Why, you ask? – because each individual has his/her own skin type. So, you need to determine your #skin-type in order to know the type skin treatment to use.

If you’re really concerned about the appearance of your skin, you’ll need to go with Ayurveda skin products. Ayurveda has all the answers for any type of skin problem. What #Ayurveda does is categorize individuals according to three types referred to as #dosha: #Vata, #Kahpa and #Pitta. It takes into consideration your skin’s constitution in order to know the right skin care products and procedures for your skin.

These skin types are what Ayurveda considers with its skin care products. Once you’ve known your dosha, the rest is easy, which means you can now take the right steps to keep it healthy. Kapha skin-type will need dry cleansers to balance its excessive oils, while application of oils will benefit the Vata skin-type. Appropriate types of #minerals and herbs contained in #Ayurvedic skin care products will help you safeguard your skin against the excess of dosha.

So, while organic skin care products are made with organic #ingredients and are free of toxic ingredients, it does not mean that it’s the best when it comes to #skin #care #treatment. The better way to know the right skin care for yourself is still the ‘Ayurvedic’ way.

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