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Hand-Made Ayurvedic Butter for Skin Care

Hand-Made Ayurvedic Butter for Skin Care

Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine, incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas. It is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. Ayurveda therapies and practices have been well incorporated into daily life applications owing to their advantages. Hygiene, including regular bathing, cleaning of teeth, skin care, and eye washing, are a central practice.

As more and more chemicals have discovered their way into the lives of people, more and more diseases and side effects have also surrounded the world. The people are facing innumerous problems due to the consumption of products that are adulterated with chemical ingredients. This has made Ayurvedic compositions of products the most sought after choice. Natural makeup and skincare, yummy organic foods, cruelty-free clothing & accessories slowly took the world by surprise.


A lot many side effects that may result with the regular use of chemical based skin care cosmetic products. Major disadvantages associated with these include:
  • Skin infection: The development of red marks all over the skin, which causes irritation and itching especially when a person goes outside the house and the body is exposed to sun and pollution. This results when chemical cosmetic products do not suit the skin and damage the cells of the skin.
  • Damage to internal organs: Through the uncountable pores present on the skin for the respiration of skin, the chemicals present in these products seep into the bloodstream and attack the internal organs slowly. This can be fatal in case of prolonged use.
  • Skin cancer: Excessive usage of chemical products on the skin may cause severe skin diseases like cancer. Several chemical agents added to the products to inhibit bacteria, actually trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body.
  • Early ageing: Although people use at least ten products in a day, they are unaware ofthe fact that it may cause ageing before time with the symptoms of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles starts appearing at a young age.

A system of natural healing that originated in India, Ayurveda is designed to balance the body through the right diet, routine, and skin-care system; all customized to your own personal wellness blueprint. This has emerged recently as an alternative to all synthetic skin products. Skin care cosmetic products having ayurvedic formulations gained momentum very fast. Extracts derived from roots, leaves, fruits, bark, or seeds having medicinal properties and soothing effect on the skin were widely incorporated into beauty products.

Ayurvedic products are “The beauty world’s best-kept secret till date" as they impart organic skincare. These products are little elixirs of life. Kalp's newest hand-made ayurvedic formulation, Hand Butter is a rich and nourishing butter that hydrates, nourishes and soothes out dry skin. Harsingaar and Arjuna bark extract works to remove excess heat and pacifies the Pitta, while a delicate blend of Raatrani, Kewra and Natural Silk makes your skin softer and smoother than ever. Pumpkin seed oil penetrates high levels of essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, phytoesterols, antioxidants and super-nutrients that are vital for a healthy skin.

Since skin serves as our primary defense against the environment, so keeping it strong and healthy is critical. Harsh cleansers, for example, can damage the outer layer by stripping essential lipids and moisture. Using a proper skin care regimen daily can help preserve this important protective layer.

Vikram Vij's Favorite  Ayurvedic Hand Butter Namaste can be applied as and when needed to repair and protect the skin. It can be used regularly after bathing and after washing hands, in order to provide protection and restore moisture. All in all, the use of ayurvedic hand butter will prevent all the damages of using a chemical based skin product. This will not only keep the skin beautiful but also keep it healthy. Ayurveda has its root deep into the middle age India but now it has become a contemporary trend making its place in every body's life.

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