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The Indian tradition of skin care is thousands of years old and makes use of mainly natural ingredients and sustainable methods of harvesting them. In view of this and comparing it to chemical-riddled, unsustainable western cosmetic practices, no wonder that consumers gravitate and develop a strong preference towards the greener, natural ayurvedic cosmetic products. This is why we see a new culture of ayurvedic cosmetics in Canada and around the world, not only in India.

Origins of Ayurvedic Cosmetics

Ayurveda can be translated into English as the “knowledge of life”. It is an all-encompassing field of natural philosophy that touches on health, thought and energy. Ayurvedic medicine focuses on the balance between body, mind and nature and is the most widely practiced medicine system in India. To those who might think that this is a type of “alternative medicine”, there are over half a million ayurvedic physicians in the world and over 2000 full scale ayurvedic hospitals.

Unlike the typical western approach to pharmaceutics where a medicinal drug contains a single active component that battles a single symptom, the typical ayurvedic formula will contain over 20 medical components to act as complicated system of balances and counter balances that reach to the root of a problem, fixing it from the inside.

The main reason why the western cosmetic industry is favouring synthetic or processed ingredients is that those ingredients are more stable than natural ones and are therefore easier to store and transport. We hope that this trend will be eventually broken and the natural ayurvedic cosmetics and their analogies will become the go-to choice for consumers. After all, they are better for you and bestow long-lasting effects on your looks and health.

 The Ayurvedic Cosmetics Market Grows

 There is a growing tendency to go back to the tried and tested traditional ingredients used for centuries in Indian cosmetics. The large brands are struggling to keep up, trying to win over the more aware consumers in India. Companies have been working hard to adapt ayurvedic recipes in their modern lines of products, making their brands more natural and appealing to the local market. There are already several companies that produce entire lines of ayurvedic cosmetics, making the use of natural medicinal plants into the main idea behind their brands.

Studies show that this is only the beginning. This trend is only in its initial stage of gathering momentum. We are to see many more brands and products adopt this practice to satisfy the shifting demand. There is vast ongoing research devoted to the development of durable high quality cosmetics based on those natural practices.

The last thing that really drives the point home is the global market and online shopping. A small store in India or across the country is as accessible as the neighborhood cosmetics shop, and we are a good example of just that. The green wave of ayurvedic cosmetics in Canada is here. It is better for our skin, it is better for our health, and it is better for the environment. This is the new way.

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